Fly Screens for Ducato X290 2014+

Cabin only


Mosquiteras para Ventanas con Imanes


Fly Screens for Ducato X290 2014+

Mosquito net for Ducato X290 2014+ front windows made with the appropriate geometry for this van model, with high-quality mosquito net fabric.
Edging around its entire perimeter to achieve a good finish and at the same time avoid breakage on the sides.
Neodymium magnets are placed on the entire perimeter except for the lower part of the edging for a perfect grip on the precise metal part of the window. The magnets are completely hidden inside the trim.

These mosquito nets for Ducato X290 2014+, allow great ventilation inside the vehicle, being able to partially or totally open the window without having to remove the mosquito net, preventing annoying access to mosquitoes and other insects, allowing you to sleep peacefully without annoying mosquito bites and insects.

2 mosquito nets for the driver’s and passenger’s windows.
1 bag to store the mosquito nets.

Composition of the mosquito net:
100% Polyester 35 gr/m2 + 5%
Polyester trim
Neodymium magnets

Fabric characteristics:
Light fastness: 6
Sweat fastness: 4-5
Fastness to washing with water at 30oC: 4-5
Ironing fastness: 4-5

water repellent
UV protection
flame retardant