Vans Long Organizer Pockets

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Vans Long Organizer Pockets
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Vans Long Organizer Pockets

Option to place pockets in the rear side window insulators and/or the double rear door of the short medium vans type T5 Long-T6 Long, Trafic L2, Transit Custom L2, Space Tourer Long, etc.
The pockets will be made with the same insulation, on top of the purchased insulation.
These pockets support a considerable and reasonable weight, according to the material it is, pocket book, wallet, keys, mobile and small personal items.

How to make the purchase of our pockets:

1 Access our main page and choose the model of your van to buy our thermal insulation and add them to the cart.
2 Go to the pockets page and add the pockets you need to the cart.
3 Complete the purchase process by following the instructions in the cart.


The price includes the making of two or three Vans Long Organizer Pockets depending on the size of the thermal insulation purchased or by customer request (does not include the window insulation).
Possibility to customize the pocket.
If you want a personalized pocket, you can contact us through the contact form that you will see on our main page or by calling 619890253 – 938625412.

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