Maxy Vans Loose Insulators

Cabin only


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Internal blackout thermal insulators for camper vans, 9 layers made with high quality material.
Suction cups with high suction Ø50 nut with tab for easy removal, does not damage the tint.
100% Polyester trim.
Nickel-plated brass eyelets Ø inside 6mm.
80 micron polypropylene zippered sleeve to store insulation.
This model of suction cup with nut, allows you to remove the blinds without removing the suction cups.
This system is very comfortable when you are on the road, so when we want to place the blinds, they already have their proper position. (It is advisable to remove them when they are not going to be used for a while so as not to expose them to the sun permanently and thus extend their life).
Thermal insulators are ideal for extreme temperatures, reducing the temperature inside the vehicle in case of heat and insulating the interior of the vehicle in case of cold. In addition to insulating from the cold and heat, our thermal insulators do the perfect function of darkening the cabin, lengthening the hours of rest.
Our blackout thermal insulators are handcrafted one by one taking care of the geometry of the windows for an optimal fit. Finished with a two-tone 100% polyester gray or black trim, depending on choice.